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American Medical Centers in Kyiv

American Medical Centers is an International healthcare  provider  that owns and manages ambulatory care and outpatient care facilities in Ukraine and Russia.  

AMC employs more than 150 medical professionals and associates, and is affiliated with numerous specialists in each clinic location, providing access to all medical specialties, from cardiology to neurosurgery.

AMC also enjoys affiliations with major hospitals and medical learning centers around the world. All American Medical Centers facilities and partner facilities are recognized by the world's leading healthcare institutions and are fully licensed healthcare facilities.

American Medical Centers is dedicated to providing the highest standard of health care available in Eastern and Central Europe using the latest diagnostic and therapeutic protocols from the United States and European Union. We are committed to providing evidence-based medicine, practiced by the best-trained clinicians available, in a clean, safe facility, where quality-assurance is paramount, and using a Western patient-centered delivery of care system.

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